'Code Up' 

Oct 2016
  • 'Your programming questions answered in real-time by self-identified programming experts in 1-on-1 chat rooms that are seamlessly integrated with a collaborative code editor.'
  • I conceptualized this project, and led a team of four as the Project Manager to build the site in three weeks.
  • Frontend:

     React.js/Redux, Firepad.io, ES6, LESS
  • Backend:

     Node.js, Express.js, Socket.io, PostgreSQL, Knex.js


Sept 2016
  • 'Outwit your opponent in one of the world's oldest dice games.'
  • I built the initial version of this project in a week, by myself, with Python 3 & Flask (this was the first time I had ever used Python). I then spent a few more days re-writing the backend in Node.js and implementing Socket.io.
  • Frontend:

     React.js/Redux, ES6, LESS
  • Backend:

     Node.js, Express.js, Socket.io, MongoDB, Mongoose
  • Original Version:


'Rosetta Throne'​ 

Aug 2016
  • A 'spaced-repetition' app, parodying the popular language-learning tool, Rosetta Stone®, featuring the fictional language, 'Dothraki', from the hit HBO series,

    Game of Thrones

  • I built this project with a partner in a week, using paired-programming throughout the course of it. I went back a few weeks later to re-write the backend, making some important bug-fixes and implementing Socket.io.
  • Frontend:

     React.js/Redux, LESS
  • Backend:

     Node.js, Express.js, Socket.io, MongoDB, Mongoose


  • Languages:

     Javascript (ES5, ES6, & JSX), Python 3, Ruby, HTML5, CSS3 (+ LESS)
  • Libraries & Frameworks:

     jQuery, React.js (+ Redux, Thunk, Fetch, Router), Node.js, Express.js, Socket.io, Flask
  • Other Technologies:

     NPM, Webpack, Babel, RESTful APIs, AJAX, JSON, MongoDB, Mongoose, PostgreSQL, KNEX.js, Passport.js, Travis CI, Heroku, Git/GitHub, Bitcoin/Blockchain


Thinkful - 

New York, NY 

Full-Stack Web Development in JavaScript

June - Oct 2016
  • Completed intensive, four-month, web development course, emphasizing industry best practices.

App Academy - 

San Francisco, CA 

Object-Oriented Programming in Ruby

April 2016
  • Completed four-week, online prep-course on object-oriented programming.

Pepperdine University - 

Malibu, CA 

Bachelor of Science in Biology, Minor in English

Aug 2008 – April 2012



Nashville, TN 

Sales Representative

Nov 2015 – April 2016

South, Inc

Nashville, TN 

Account Manager

Jan 2014 – Nov 2015

West Coast Orthopaedic Design

Manhattan Beach, CA 

Project Manager

Mar 2013 – Sept 2013

Malibu Tutors, LLC

Malibu, CA 

Private Tutor

Oct 2011 – Dec 2012

Insyght Interactive, Inc

Los Angeles, CA 

Project Coordinator

May 2009 – Aug 2009